DiwaliFest 2020

DiwaliFest 2020

In November 2020, during the second national lockdown, our Artistic Director, Ria Meera Munshi and her Manchester based Bollywood dance school, Ri Ri’s Dance Academy, were part of an online event called DiwaliFest 2020, part of iGlobal (The voice of global Indians.) DiwaliFest 2020 was a show like no other – bringing together 100,000 participants throughout the UK for a riveting three day programme of festivities, topical discussion and arts & cultural performances. Highlighting only the best of the best artists within the UK! 

It was brilliant for both Ria Meera Munshi and Ri Ri’s Dance Academy to participate in one of the biggest Diwali events which hosted content from across the UK, with the West Midlands, Manchester, Leicester and London all showcasing the very best of what the British Indian community has to offer.

iGlobal Diwali Concert

In 2011, Ria Meera Munshi and Navin Kundra broke the Bollywood Guinness World Record together at Platt Fields Park, in Manchester. Fast forward nine years and both of these renowned and international artists share the same platform again – This time online! Click here to read more about the Diwali Concert which Ria and Ri Ri’s Dance Academy were a part off.


Ria had a speedy interview with Navin before a six-minute authentic Bollywood dance routine was showcased to the online audience. If interested, you are more than welcome to watch this interview as well as Ri Ri’s pre-recorded Bollywood dance performance by clicking on the link here.

Audience Reviews

During both the interview and Ri Ri’s Bollywood Dance performance for this DiwaliFest 2020 online event, audience members were able to add their comments live and it was brilliant to see such lovely support and feedback for Ri Ri’s including a student, Hafsa Sid, who participated in the Bollywood Guinness World Record in 2011 and stated “Hi Ria Meera Munshi 😊 Still remember our dance for the Bollywood Guinness World Record during the Manchester Mela” and Nimesh Shah who commented on Facebook saying “All my favourite songs and dance songs … Ria is AMAZING … Wow this is awesome!”

Other comments from audience members included – “That was awesome dance performance. Loved it!!”, “beautiful dances by Ria!” and, finally, “so much energy – LOVED IT!”