Bollywood performances

Our, male and female, professionally trained Dancers at Ri Ri’s Dance Academy are national television Dancers having performed on BB3’s Bollywood Carmen, Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me and Director, Ria Meera Munshi, having taught Bollywood Dancing on ITV’s The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

The exhilarating Performances executed by Ri Ri’s team have been contracted internationally, across the globe, in both Riga, Latvia and sunny Lanzarote!

Our Guinness World Record Breaking, diverse, dance team provide mesmerising dance Performances for all occasions. These include Corporate Events, Television, Private Functions (Birthdays, Weddings, Mehndi Parties), Educational Establishments, Care Homes and Festivals.


Bollywood Dance Performances

The Indian culture is brought to the forefront of each Bollywood Dance Performance, with an inclusive nature of Bharatanatayam (Indian Classical) and Bollywood steps. The elegant Bollywood talent which is brought to the stage is enhanced even further by our colourfully decorated, authentic chanya cholia, (Gujarati style), dance costumes.


Bollywood Fusion Dance Performances

From the Indian Embassy of Latvia and Sweden to Corporate Telecom Company Talk Talk, these energetic Fusion Bollywood Dance Performances have delighted audiences in their thousands, literally!

Ri Ri’s Bollywood Fusion Dance Performances underline a range of styles from elaborate improvised Break Dancing to the graceful, flexible, dance form of Ballet. But, to add that Bollywood twist we keep the Bollywood music consistent throughout.



It was not our 1st experience with Ri Ri’s Dance Academy, (Ria), we have been inviting them to Talk Talk Technology and counting on Ri Ri’s for couple years now and it’s just the same energy and enthusiasm they brings every time which makes the performance and the ambiance more cheerful! – Talk Talk Technology