Commissioned Projects

Ri Ri’s Dance Academy have been commissioned for a number of various Dance and Theatre Projects, across the United Kingdom.

We are highly skilled in transforming your vision into an exclusive, visual, piece of Dance or Theatre.

In our Commissioned Projects, to date, we have collaborated with a number of various dance and theatre artists,media companiesdigital (video mapping) experts, outdoor experts, charities, volunteers and the public (different Community groups).

Ri Ri’s Commissioned History


September 2014
Worked alongside GMWDA (Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority) and Media Company, Belly Feel, to create an encouraging Bollywood Pop Music Video, titled: Up & Forward – A Bollywood Recycling Love Story’ (Recycle4GM – Recycle for Greater Manchester). Click here to view the Video.

October 2014
Digital Projection at its finest! Illuminos and Ri Ri’s Dance Academy produced an exciting Video Mapping experience for the City of Bury, whereby a number of Indian dance routines were projected onto the main wall of Debenhams. Click here to view the Video. 

April 2017
Presented by Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharamphur (UK), this beautiful collaboration saw the promotion of love, peace and harmonious co-existence between all faiths and communities on earth. Click here to view the Video.


I contacted Ria via Ri Ri’s Dance Academy when I was asked to produce a Bollywood song and pop video for a client. She is so talented. A real star. But it’s not just the glitz and glamour (though she has all that in great supply)…. She did the work of choreographer for the dance and ran several workshops for the extras. She also sang on the song, doing a really good job of it. Then she put a team of dancers together for the shoot. Ria and her team were very professional, always going the extra mile where needed and helped us to create a really nice piece of work for the client. – Krishna Stott, Belly Feel