Bollywood hen party

Are you looking for an exciting and memorable Bollywood Hen Party? With Ri Ri’s Dance Academy being renowned for their Bollywood Guinness World Record and as the leading Company in the North West for Bollywood Hen Parties you are guaranteed to have a fabulous time! Get ready for lots of laughs, wiggles of hips, shoulder shakes and Indian intricate wrist twirls accompanied by the upbeat, infectious, Bollywood beat …

No prior dance experience is needed from any of the Hens, just a willingness to have lots of fun!

In a Bollywood Hen Party, from Ri Ri’s you will learn the basic Bollywood and Bhangra dance moves, such as a hip drop and ‘turning the lightbulb.’ By the end of the Bollywood Hen Party the group will have learnt a short routine to some music from a smash hit Bollywood blockbuster.

Add some glitz & glamour to your Bollywood Hen Party with Saree dressing

Ri Ri’s Dance Academy can assist you in recreating the beautiful vibrancy and splash of colour in a Bollywood number, by including an optional Saree dressing element to your Bollywood Hen Party. Our authentic and stunning Sarees are the perfect element to complete the Bollywood Dance experience.


I have recently planned a hen party for my friend and I was really keen to get a Bollywood dance lesson as my friend’s soon to be husband is Indian. I wanted something which was really authentic and not gimmicky, but something also fun. Ria was such a good teacher for us all. We were a group of ladies of all different ages and abilities, we were all dressed in sari’s and we had all had a bit to drink. Ria brought the fun to our party and was brilliant. I would highly recommend Ri Ri’s Dance Academy. Once Ria had left, all the hens were saying how brilliant she was and how much fun they had!!! It was also really interesting to hear about Ria and all the events she has been apart of! – Nicola Hunt, Manchester


Additional Information

  • Bollywood dancing is traditionally performed in bare feet; however trainers or ballet pumps would be a comfortable alternative.
  • Leggings and a lightweight t-shirt would be advised.
  • We cater to any group size
  • This is, also, ideal for birthday parties or Corporate Events, too.
  • Our team at our award winning Academy are not only limited to teaching Bollywood Dancing. If you have any alternative dance styles you would like to learn please do enquire.