Up & Forward

Bollywood Dancers Manchester for GMWDA Project

England’s largest Waste Disposal Authority, Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority, (GMWDA), in 2014, worked alongside the Bollywood Dancers Manchester from Ri Ri’s Dance Academy and Belly Feel on an encouraging project, titled ‘Up & Forward – A Bollywood Recycling Love Story’ (Recycle4GM – Recycle for Greater Manchester).  


Corporate Bollywood Pop Music Video 

The aim of this project was to encourage residents to recycle more and waste less, in areas such as Rochdale, which are currently hard to reach communities. However, this would be achieved through the best Bollywood Dancers Manchester, Bollywood beats and a catchy song, in the hope that the project itself would demonstrate how improved engagement and communication can increase recycling and waste prevention, particularly in low performing urban areas.

Involvement of the Rochdale Community 

Ri Ri’s Dance Academy were involved in all areas of the Corporate Bollywood Pop Music Video. This ranged from the choreography in the Video to the talented team of professional female Dancers, too. Our outstanding Academy, additionally, provided the vocals for the track and ran a number of Bollywood dance workshops for the Rochdale community. Subsequently, the community of Rochdale then had an opportunity to appear in the Pop Music Video itself!

The dazzling costumes worn by Ri Ri’s Dancers in this project were specifically designed for this piece of creative work. Green being the main colour worn by the Dancers to echo the essence of the project, for instance: recycling, the environment and nature.


Ri Ri’s Dancers perform at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Before the Video was released in 2015 (please find the link below), Ri Ri’s Dance Academy were invited to perform the Bollywood recycling song and routine, to a live audience, at a Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority Seminar, held at the Bridgewater Hall, in the city centre of Manchester.


Rochdale Observer

The Rochdale Observer featured this in their Newspaper (27.09.14) with Ri Ri’s Dance Academy getting a mention, too.