Manchester Culture Awards

Manchester Culture Awards

In November 2018, at the prestigious Etihad Stadium, Bollywood Guinness World Record breaking company, Ri Ri’s Dance Academy, were invited perform for the Manchester Culture Awards, organized by Manchester City Council.

Other acts including Kabantu and 10 piece Manchester based brass band collective Twisted Tubes were, also, part of this lovely event. Celebrating the City’s creative activity, ranging from visual art to film and broadcast media, this phenomenal awards ceremony celebrated the best of Manchester – And what an incredible honour for Ri Ri’s Dance Academy to entertain the guests on this spectacular evening!

Fusion Bollywood Dance Performances 

Our nation television Bollywood dancers from Manchester showcased two performances, consisting of two male and two female dancers. Brining diversity to the performances, the dancers came from a range of backgrounds, religions and dance styles … But, were all brought together through the unity of Bollywood dancing!

Performing in a wide open and bright space for all to see, the guests were in awe of the magical talent the Manchester based Academy brought to the corporate event. Ranging from one of our dancers spinning on his head to another dancer underlining his extreme flexibility through the means of contemporary dance, however being performed to Bollywood music, of course!

Bollywood Dance Workshop

Ria Meera Munshi, Director of multi-award winning Ri Ri’s Dance Academy, ran a short basic Bollywood dance workshop with some volunteer guests after the final performance – And this went down a treat! With the help of her dancers they all managed to get the crowd cheering and whooping as the volunteers danced their hearts out to the Bollywood beat!

Review from Councillor Luthfur Rahman 

“Ria, thank you to Ri Ri’s Dance Academy for performing at the first Manchester Culture Awards evening. Your performance was excellent and provided a valuable contribution to the evening. Many thanks.” – Councillor Luthfur Rahman