Sue & Sita

During lockdown 2020, Arts Council England and Z-Arts supported Ri Ri’s Dance Academy, for a pre-R&D, giving an opportunity to focus on some key areas of a new children’s theatre production called Sue & Sita.

This project involved Artistic Director Ria Meera Munshi and award-winning writer Louise Wallwein MBE


The Dancing Elephant

Thunderstruck Promo

Thunderstruck A Snapshot

Thunderstruck Preston Audience Reactions

Thunderstruck Ashton Audience Reactions

Surprise 60th Birthday

Thunderstruck Highlights

Behind The Scenes

Thunderstruck Bury Audience Reactions

Thunderstruck Bolton Audience Reactions

We are now a member of Independent Theatre Council

We are proud to announce we are now a member of ITC (Independent Theatre Council).

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