The Real Housewives of Cheshire

Bollywood Choreography on ITVBe’s hit TV Show

Season 4, Episode 10, of reality series The Real Housewives of Cheshire, titled ‘Bollywood or Bust’, saw Manchester basedRia Meera Munshi making a guest appearance on the television programme and teaching four of the housewives a little bit of Bollywood choreography! This was in aid of Seema Malhotra’s forty fifth birthday party, which had a beautiful Bollywood theme.

Seema, Leanne Brown, Stacey Forsey and Missé Beqiri were all of Ria’s fabulous dance students.

The music had been carefully chosen by Ria and the Bollywood choreography was crafted to be basic but with a couple of challenging and intricate hand gestures – All of which can be seen on Episode 10!

After an intense private dance Rehearsal, at a studio in Stockport, the housewives were then ready to perform and surprise all the guests at the Bollywood extravaganza.


A taste of Bollywood in Cheshire

With their bindis and bangles at the ready and dressed in outstanding Indian outfits, the housewives rocked Ria’s Bollywood choreography on stage, which consisted of the traditional Indian hip drop, a few exciting turns and twirls and, of course, the legendary ‘twist the lightbulb’ Bollywood dance step!

A taste of Bollywood was certainly brought to Cheshire heightened by the beat of the dhol, glamorous sarees, authentic Indian street food and, also, Bhangra dancers. But the exceptional Bollywood dance performance executed by the housewives, which was choreographed by the Director of Ri Ri’s Dance Academy, was, by far, the highlight of the entire evening!