Peace by Peace

Let us make a change – Peace by Peace

Manchester Dancers from Guinness World Record Breaking Company, Ri Ri’s Dance Academy, participated in Let us make a change – Peace by Peace, in April 2017. Peace by Peace was held in the heart of Manchester City Centre, outside Manchester Town Hall in Albert Square. This was an exclusive Event, presented by Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur (UK), proudly promoting love, peace and harmonious co-existence between all faiths and communities on earth.


Ri Ri’s Dance Academy

Ri Ri’s Dance Academy were commissioned to create a unique twenty five minute Production, which explored the search of peace through religion, beyond caste, creed and colour. This investigation, of peace, was captured through dance and a creative pre-recorded poem, written by Ria Meera Munshi.


Manchester Dancers from the Academy

Manchester Dancers from Ri Ri’s Dance Academy participated in this incredible project. The professional Dancers from the Academy were supported by a lovely bunch of Volunteers from Bolton.

The Choreography, by Director, Ria Meera Munshi, incorporated the use of props such as scarves and ribbons. This made the piece visually stimulating for the audience, particularly as this was an outdoor Production too! Peace by Peace included three sets of Choreography: Ria’s choreography, the Manchester (professional) dancers Choreography and, of course, the Volunteers Choreography, too. These layers of Choreography added a different dimension to the Production, adding to the visuals in the background, the fabulous composition and the show, as a whole.

The creation itself involved stylised movements, transitions and levels, underlining a number of religions, including: Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam.

Within less than two weeks, Ria choreographed the entire twenty five minute Production and taught this to the professional Dancers and our female volunteers.


Peace by Peace Footage