Bollywood in schools

A number of Nurseries, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Colleges, including Tameside College, have used the Services at Ri Ri’s Dance Academy, to enhance the Arts in Education segment at their educational establishment.

Whether your School is learning about India, Diwali or Holi, or perhaps as part of your ‘Cultural Week’, Bollywood Dance or Bhangra Dance Workshops, are a brilliant way to make learning more fun and active. This can, additionally, be applied to Colleges wanting to add some Indian spice to their Enrichment mix!


Indian Dance Workshops

A basic Dance Workshop, either Bollywood or Bhangra (Punjabi Folk Dance), will be conducted to give the students a slice of how these Indian dance styles are performed traditionally in India and in Bollywood Films. More importantly, they will be shown how Dance is incorporated in many Indian celebrations, including Navratri, Diwali and even Indian Weddings!


Indian Culture

An Indian Culture segment is an optional add-on to your Indian Dance Workshop. Authentic outfits, bindis, bangles and jewellery will be showcased to the students alongside some fun facts and information on traditional Indian Culture, from various parts of India.



Wow! The children in my class were very excited for their Bollywood dancing workshop and they were not disappointed. Ria had organised the session effectively so the children were able to look at some Indian clothing and ask questions about it, as well as trying some Bollywood dancing. Ria was informative and she worked at the pace of the children, even though the session was an hour. The children loved their bindi and they kept it on for the rest of the day. I would thoroughly recommend Ria’s workshop for Year 1 children. The workshop was a great way to start off our new India topic. Thank you Ria and see you next year! Thanks again Ria, we loved it and we have been pracitisng the routine today! – Lucy Carlton, St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School, Salford.