English Asian Business Awards

The Third Annual English Asian Business Awards

The third annual English Asian Business Awards were held at the Manchester Mercure Hotel, in 2014.

This prestigious event celebrated the huge success and achievements of a number of moving Asian entrepreneurs, who had been selected through the United Kingdom.


Indian Dance Group glitter the Awards ceremony …

Glittering this Awards ceremony with world class entertainment was four of Ri Ri’s female Dancers, forming an Indian Dance Group, gracing the stage and injecting the atmosphere with even more sparkle and energy!

The Academy performed hit songs such as Jai Ho, from the film Slumdog Millionaire, sang by The Pussycat Dolls and A. R. Rahman, but added an attention grabbing twist by incorporating glitzy and bright scarves into the dance mix.

The English Curry Awards 

Shortly after, the Indian Dance Group and National television dancers from Ri Ri’s Dance Academy were, also, called upon to perform at The English Curry Awards. This was additionally held in 2014, too.

The AJ Bell Stadium, in Manchester, is a venue which the Academy has entertained guests at many times and this is where The English Curry Awards were hosted.

On this occasion, three of Ri Ri’s Bollywood Dancers took to the stage situated at the front of the beautifully decorated hall, delighting guests with their two dynamic performances, gorgeous costumes and simple remarkable choreography!