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Annual Diwali Celebration Lunch

In October 2019, our director Ria Meera Munshi, was invited to provide traditional Bollywood entertainment for the annual Diwali celebration lunch at the Lancaster Environment Centre, for the Ecology, Hydrology and Environmental Science staff team. This was the 6th year of running this incredible event and was the best and biggest event so far! As well as Ri Ri’s Dance Academy providing the entertainment, there was also yummy Indian, giraffe the, food and a lovely lady who gave a talk on Indian culture and Diwali.


“Just wanted to say a few words about Ri Ri’s Dance Academy that came down to the Lancaster Environment Centre today to a lot of unsuspected victims! It was for a Diwali celebration and it was absolutely fantastic, very professional. I can definitely recommend you for hosting any events, very confident on the microphone and it was a lot of fun doing the dance. It was a bit of a surprise to the unsuspected victims and everyone had a fantastic time and keep up the good work. Thank you very much!” – John, The University of Lancaster (This video testimonial can be seen on our Facebook Page)

Ri Ri’s Dance Academy

Our Guinness World Record Breaking Choreographer, Ria, ran a mini Bollywood dance class with fifteen members of staff, who thoroughly enjoyed learning the authentic and well known Indian dance steps (the lightbulb!) Part of the entertainment package for this event at the University included a traditional Bollywood dance performance, where Ria executed a highly energetic fusion set and performed to some Bollywood hit songs such as the 1991 classic “Chunari Chunari”, made even more breathtaking with the use of large colourful props.