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Eid Celebrations at The Mall Blackburn

The summer of 2016 saw The Mall Blackburn hosting a celebration day for the Festival of Eid. With it being the longest Ramadan in thirty three years, The Mall Blackburn wanted to mark the occasion for the Community of Lancashire. They did so by booking the best Bollywood Dancers in town!

Events ran all day in Victoria Court, with first class entertainment from Guinness World Record breaking Ri Ri’s Dance Academy being the highlight.

The shopping Mall came alive when the Academy began performing, instantly gathering a crowd all around them!

Bollywood Dancers

One female dancer and two male dancers from Ri Ri’s amazed the Blackburn shoppers with their energy, flexibility, exclusive choreography and incredible talent. The Academy’s Bollywood dancers adapted to the large space, moving all around, allowing members of the audience to have a good view of the Bollywood Dancers, the dancing, miming and facial expressions – All angles of the Bollywood dance action!

Fusion Bollywood Dance Performances

Rather than two dance performances of traditional Bollywood dancing, Ri Ri’s Dance Academy offered a much more exclusionary experience for the audience. With Ri Ri’s National Television dancers being trained in a number of styles this was used to its full advantage for The Mall Blackburn, in turn reflecting such positive feedback.

Dominant dance genres such as Contemporary dance, to a style of Street Dance called Break Dancing, to the sexy, Spanish inspired Salsa, were all an integral part of Ri Ri’s performance. Yet, the difference being … Each dance style, each and every routine was performed too on a Bollywood song, keeping the Indian and Asian theme consistent throughout.

Other activities on the day included makeovers from Bare Minerals, Henna tattoos and floral displays.

Visit Blackburn wrote an Article about the Event, including information and photos on Ri Ri’s Dance Academy.

Video of Bollywood Dancers