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Bollywood Dance Workshop at Together Trust

Stockport based Charity, Together Trust, booked international company Ri Ri’s Dance Academy to run an exclusive Bollywood Dance Workshop. This was in aid of a fun wellbeing day, for all of the staff members, at the Trust.

Ri Ri’s Bollywood dance workshop, to the Pussycat Dolls smash hit ‘Jai Ho’, was a collective hour of fun, fitness and Indian culture! The Bollywood dance workshop was the perfect activity to bring the staff team together, interact with one another and improve each individuals dance abilities and skills set.

Additionally, after learning a few basic Bollywood dance moves, (Such as the well known ‘light bulb’ step!), and creating a basic Bollywood dance routine, the large group was split into smaller teams. Each Bollywood dance team then had to rehearse the routine taught to them by the instructor, choreograph elements themselves and work in unison. This was in preparation for a mini performance, to their peers, at the end of the Bollywood dance workshop.

It didn’t matter about any previous dance experience – The Bollywood dance workshop was suitable for absolutely everybody!

In addition to the Bollywood dance workshop, the staff wellbeing day, also, included a fitness high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, art lessons, baking, cooking, rounders and a hydrotherapy pool.



Clare Brown, Assistant Psychologist at Together Trust who booked Ri Ri’s Dance Academy, said “Ria came into the college to run a Bollywood dance workshop for our staff’s health and wellbeing day. She made the session so fun and accessible that everyone, of all ages, could join in and learn the routine. We had such a good time with lots of laughing! Thank you Ria!! Thank you Ri Ri’s Dance Academy!”


Together Trust

Together Trust include a range of care, community and special education services for people with behavioural challenges, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, complex health needs and autism. The Trust will help any child, young person, vulnerable adult or family referred to them.